We Are A Team

Established in 2001, the Live Cell Imaging team has now worked with over 600 researchers in 12 countries to solve problems and catalyze discovery. Our work is featured in >150 publications in top journals including Science, Nature Medicine, and the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
LCI is short for Live Cell Imaging, yet it also reflects a culture 15 years in the making; focused on learning, community and innovation.

Our Mission

To drive innovative research, education and training in optical imaging and to provide a collaborative environment that enriches the scientific community.

Our Vision

To be the leading center for optical imaging in Canada.

Our Team

Each member of the LCI is a specialist in their field, providing an incredible breadth of knowledge and expertise. Our team has created a community based on shared values, including a love of cake

Kamala D. Patel, PhD

Professor and Executive Director

Pina Colarusso, PhD


Andrew Chojnacki, PhD

Imaging Specialist

Lucy Swift, PhD

Imaging Specialist

Joel Glover

Rapid Design and Protyping

Evelyn Lailey, BSc



William Nguyen

Master's Student

Our Partners

The Cumming School of Medicine & the Snyder Institute have been instrumental in supporting the development and growth of the LCI.

The Cumming School of Medicine is a community of education programs, academic departments and research institutes dedicated to improving the quality of existing health and medical education research and encourage new research. The Cumming School of Medicine has been an important partner in the development of the LCI.
The Snyder Institute is a group of more than 104 clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists who are impacting and changing the lives of people suffering from chronic diseases, including sepsis, MRSA, cystic fibrosis, type-1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The LCI is proud to be part of the Snyder Institute and support its vision of Powerful Discoveries that Transform Lives.