Connecting People & Tools

From tracking molecules to imaging whole organisms, we have the optical imaging tools needed to drive your research forward.

Our Technology


Customization makes a difference. LCI’s expert team has strategically refined and optimized our microscopes for maximum results. Combining that with a rigorous maintenance program provides our research community with the highest standard in optical microscopes.

Image Analysis Work Stations

Our home at the University of Calgary has become a reflection of the culture we want to build at the LCI. The combination of open, collaborative workspaces, as well as specialized individual work stations provides the perfect environment for problem solving. Click below for a detailed breakdown of our work stations

Rapid Prototyping

Accelerate your research and technology development through rapid prototyping and 3D printing. We will work with you from design through to fabrication. Whether you need a microscope chamber or complex device, we can help.

Education & Training

At our heart, we are a team of educators. We recognize that advanced and targeted education and training is essential to stay competitive in the imaging field. We foster a culture of continuous learning and have a variety of educational opportunities for individuals and groups.


The Live Cell Imaging Laboratory offers a three-day intensive course on the fundamentals of optical microscopy. Join our emailing list below.


The Canadian Light Microscopy Course is targeted at researchers who have experience in optical microscopy and would like to push their expertise into the realm of quantitative imaging and advanced applications. The LCI hosts this course every other year.

Microscopy Interest Group

The MIG is a community of Microscopy users on the University of Calgary campus who are interested in optical, electron, and atomic force microscopy. Co-sponsors for the MIG include the LCI, HBI AMP facility in the Cumming School of Medicine and the Microscopy and Imaging Facility.

Striking Image Competition

The image is just the beginning. In the Striking Image Competition, the Cumming School of Medicine showcases how their expertise and microscopy capabilities drive discovery. All are invited to enter this annual event. Stay informed by joining our mailing list below.