It starts with an idea that leads to an image, yet the image is just the beginning.

Below is a selection from the 2018 Striking Image Competition.


Tyler Ruel -  Huang Lab

Transverse section of a transgenic zebrafish. Nuclei (blue), f-actin (red)

Confocal Microscopy

20x (objective lens magnification)

Chicken retina

Derek Waldner -  Stell Lab

Retinal cells transduced with virus (green) are used to study diseases that cause blindness.  Immunostaining for other features.

Confocal Microscopy

60x (objective lens magnification) Maximum intensity projection

Vessels of the Terminal lleal Arcade

Keith Keane - von der Weid Lab

Blood vessels (red) and lymphatic vessels (blue) exit side-by-side and change during inflammation. Dianne and Irving Kipnes Lymphatic Imaging Suite

Confocal Microscopy

10x (objective lens magnification) stitched

Dividing transformed cells from the brain

Huba Omairi - Cairncross Lab

Errors in cell division are an early step towards the development of cancer. Alpha tubulin (green), DNA (blue)

Wide-field Microscopy

100x (objective lens magnification)

Mouse cerebellum

Lateece Griffin - Sharkey Lab

Interactions between neurons and astrocytes in the mouse brain.  CRH neurons (orange), astrocytes (magenta), nuclei(green)

Confocal Microscopy

10x (objective lens magnification)

Immune cells in a spinal cord

Dorsa Moezzi - Yong Lab

Examining demyelination in a mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis. Myelin (green), immune cells (red)

Multiphoton Microscopy

25x (objective lens magnification)

Primary neuronal co-culture

Michael Colicos - Colicos Lab

Interactions between neurons and glial cells in a rat hippocampus. Actin (green), glial cells (red) and nuclei (blue)

Wide-field Microscopy

20x (objective lens magnification)

Whole Brain Mapping

Linda Kim - Whelan and Kiss Labs

Tissue clearing allows mapping of pyramidal cell projections using a retrograde viral tracer. Color encoded, maximum intensity projection of a 90 micron stack.

Light sheet Microscopy

2x (objective lens magnification with 4x optical zoom)

Human neurons in culture

Manoi Mishra - Yong Lab

Neurons (green), nuclei (blue)

Wide-field Microscopy

20x (objective lens magnification)